So far in this series we have discussed what it means to be transparent with superiors, accountability partners, and spouses. Let this conversation turn a little and now focus on what it means to be transparent with your church. The framework for this issue will be drastically different, as you are dealing with how you lead them through this issue in full transparency. Therefore, this post will focus on the dynamic from pastor to the congregation as a whole at large.The below steps will help you lead through this effectively, and set a new precedent for pastors in this age, one that others can follow and model themselves. 
  1. Teach Transparency. It is mission critical that you teach your church how to be transparent with one another. Sexuality is negated to such a high degree in churches that transparency rarely, if ever, is discussed. However, if you teach what it means to have healthy sexual lives, how to live fully transparent lives, and keep this at the forefront of your ongoing teaching, it can make waves. It can change a church. Our culture craves authenticity, and leading above the fray in full transparency is incredibly attractive and transformative. 
  2. Model Transparency. As the “big dog”, you are charged with the direction of the church. If your life oozes transparency, then your church will know it. Tell them how you struggle (within proper contexts), what your struggles are, what you do to make sure you continue to live above reproach, etc… The more you communicate, the more they want to follow. 
  3. Infuse Transparency. If you teach it, and if you model it, then you should infuse it into every program, ministry, dynamic, your church has to offer. Transparency is something that can be integrated into all staff members, volunteers, etc… as a way to carry on the message. Imagine what your church would look like if everyone did their very best to live above board. How would that change your church, and eventually the community around it?

Now that you know, what will you do? What steps will you take right now? How will you shift your church culture to create a place for transparency? It rests on your shoulders. You’re not alone though. XXXchurch wants to be your biggest fan. We have tools that can help you as well as your congregation.

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