In his book Christianity for Modern Pagans (basically his commentary on Pascal’s Pensees) philosopher Peter Kreeft offers his insights on why we create diversions in our lives, which might explain why porn is the “diversion” of choice for so many. Here’s a quote from his book:

“Diversions greatest danger is that it acts like a sedative; it keeps us just content enough so that we don’t make waves and seek a real cure. It deadens our spiritual nerves, it muffles our alarm system. A little respectable religion acts in the same way: as a mild dose of the infection, which builds up antibodies in us to shield us against the real thing. The devil loves a little religion. He doesn’t want us to be too bored and too miserable-yet.”

I’ve always said that the enemy doesn’t have to get us involved in gross sin he just has to get us distracted enough that we don’t even realize how far off track we’ve gone. Porn is just a major distraction, an “illicit diversion” that seduces us into taking our eyes off the prize. Paul’s encouragement in I Corinthians 9:24 reminds us that we can’t get distracted by diversions, “Do you not know that in a race all the runners run, but only one gets the prize? Run in such a way as to get the prize.” It’s that last part that hints at our vulnerability to illicit diversions. In other words don’t run as if to say, “well if I get there I get there, but I may as well have some fun along the way!” Paul is saying run with a single-minded devotion to obtaining the prize.

That isn’t to say that all diversions are bad. The reality is that in the busy, often chaotic world of ministry we need some “holy” diversions (sports, movies, writing, art, hobbies) in order to remain healthy and effective. But often I’ve found myself seeking diversions that are more about indulgence than recreation or restoration. Lets keep our EYES on the prize!