Everyone needs accountability, especially pastors. Accountable relationships need to be with people that we trust and feel safe with. The most important quality that accountability partners need is: They need to be able to ask the tough questions.

It seems that many people form “accountable” relationships with their best friends. When they meet they talk about life and share stories but the tough questions get forgotten. It is easy to be accountable with someone when they never ask you a tough question. Without a person challenging you about your struggles, you can be honest but you don’t have to be completely honest.

Pastors need to meet up with people that they can trust and be honest with. They also need to be accountable with people who ask the really tough questions. Without the tough questions we are just getting together with friends for coffee rather than being honest about our struggles and growing in our faith.

Challenge yourself to find someone who will care enough about you to ask the questions that you need to hear…and who will love you no matter what your answer is.

Justin H.