During the past several years, I have witnessed men commit to becoming God’s man through Every Man Ministries. I’ve found that it’s not about asking guys to do more; it’s about asking them to be more. It’s not about asking them to pursue a plan or respond to a cool idea or even to a dare. It’s about convincing guys, deep down, that being God’s man is worth the risk. Why is that?

Doing more puts a man in control. Being more puts God in control.
Doing more is a safe style for men. Being more is risky.
Doing more implies there’s an end to it. Being more is a process – fluid and unpredictable.
Doing more lets a man pick the changes he needs to make. Being more allows God to reveal the changes a man needs to make.
Doing more requires trying harder. Being more relies on training humbly.
Doing more engenders spiritual pride. Being more produces humility through surrender.
Doing more is about correcting behavior patterns. Being more is about connecting with God’s character.
Doing more attaches to the public persona. Being more reaches the private self – the man God wants to reach.

The men’s movement of the last fifteen years has been challenging men to love more, say more, pray more, read the Bible more, discipline themselves more, love their wives more, and serve their kids more. Men have wanted all those things, but the majority of them are failing over the long haul. The men’s movement has asked men to do what their hearts and characters cannot deliver.

So here’s the bottom line. Author Dallas Willard got it right: What’s needed is a renovation of the heart before a renovation of lifestyle.

I trust you will hang in there with me as we talk in the next few months about how it is we can BE God’s man and how it is that we “bog down spiritually” when our offense should be in full attack mode for Him.

Kenny Luck – Saddleback Church