To the uneducated eye a counterfeit $100 bill looks like the real thing. Most people would go to spend a counterfeit $100 bill and then be extremely disappointed when it turns out to be worth nothing. They might dream about what they are going to buy and how it is going to help meet their needs. In their minds they build up the potential of that $100 bill to create a better life. The reality is, a counterfeit $100 bill cannot deliver on any of those dreams. It is not the real thing.

There are many counterfeits in our world. Masked as the real thing they provide temporary hope and enthusiasm. Money is counterfeit security. Leased cars are counterfeit success. Porn is counterfeit intimacy.

Porn promises to meet our needs, satisfy our sexual hunger, fill our relational voids, build our self-confidence, provide love, and replace the human need for affection. Porn is unable to deliver on all of its promises. Why? Porn is a counterfeit. Porn promises to meet our needs but creates unquenchable thirst. Porn commits to satisfy our sexual hunger but births unobtainable desires. Porn dresses up like a relationship but has an inability to show concern. Porn promises to build self-confidence but births shame. Porn is not made up of love, but merely neglect and selfishness. All the porn in the world cannot replace your God-given need for a healthy God-honoring relationship.

Porn is a counterfeit.