I sat down with Mark Kastlman and one of his associates last week. If you don’t know who Mark Kastleman is he wrote the landmark book, The Drug of the New Millenium (it has recently been updated). Mark is not a neurologist or a neuroscientist but he has done extensive research into what impact pornography has on our minds. More importantly based upon his research he has now launched a new website that will help addicts break free. It was extremely encouraging to talk with he and Don Thomason who is part of the team at www.candeocan.com. Their web-site is an interactive online experience with teaching and training to help anyone break free.

Now, pastors, let me tell you my friends Mark and Don are both Mormons. Some of my dear evangelical brothers and sisters might raise an eyebrow or two over the fact that I’m promoting their website. Well the truth is their site is designed for anyone’s religious faith! It is not a Mormon porn addict site nor does it teach Mormonism. It focuses on rewiring the brain so that the fascination with pornography deminishes and people find freedom. Now thats a program I can get behind! The truth of the matter is as they explained to me what it is the web-site does and all the clinical research that was done Mark was quoting the Bible to me. We both thought about Romans 12 in particular.

So I’ll take a little heat (or maybe a lot) because while I would COMPLETELY disagree with their theology I can whole heartedly embrace their mission to help porn addicts break free!  Let me know what you think!