Christian Activist: A term that is being thrown around out there, in media, church circles, blogs and culture, yet as much as you think you may identify with it, take a step back and notice the danger of such a term. Every Christian, follower and obeyer of Jesus Christ, is by definition an activist. You cannot slap a label on yourself in an attempt to differentiate from other believers. Being an “activist” is a part of the very basic values of Christianity, and exemplifies the persona and type of ministry Jesus created while on earth.

With that in mind, what are we doing as pastors to be the kind of Christians, followers of Jesus Christ that are actively living out the call of Him in our lives, and therefore reaching, correcting and rebuking, and encouraging those that are hurt, struggling or otherwise drifting along in this world? When it comes to such serious sins as the ones discussed here, there is no other call greater than the one to be who we were created to be. 

Are you an activist? Are you a Christian activist? Are you a Christian?

What’s the difference?