One name Clark Griswold. Clark is a man of high expectations when it comes to family vacations and holidays. My favorite movie in the series has to be Christmas Vacation. You can see his expectations from the very beginning of the movie when Clark and family take off in the “front wheel drive sleigh” to pick out the Griswold family Christmas tree. Then of course everything continues to go down hill while Clark is attempting to decorate the house. It really gets crazy when the family shows up. Ellen tells Clark at one point during this whole ordeal that “You set standards that no family activity can live up to”.

I say all that to get to this point. In today’s society many men and women are taught about sex through porn. We think porn is the best place to learn what sex is, how it looks,and what our expectations are. Porn has jacked up our expectations of sex as men and for women it has made them feel a sense of sexual obligation. Porn does not provide a realistic model for sex and relationships. When it comes to the sex end of it most of the positions you see people in are done for the best camera shots, not for the pleasure of the couple. They always jump straight to sex with no romance or affection. Learning about sex from porn is like learning to drive watching the “Dukes of Hazzard”. It all looks good and fun but ultimately its destructive. The other problem with porn is as I said before that women feel they have a sense of obligation to satisfy us sexually no matter how degrading or uncomfortable it maybe. Porn objectifies women. It turns women into “things” that are only there to gratify a man’s sexual urge. Porn eliminates any need to connect with a woman emotionally or intellectually.The porn-controled guy also pushes his woman into doing things she’s not very comfortable with, seeking to act out the exotic scenes he’s seen on film. And he’ll think women are all about it. What a sad commentary on today’s men.

Porn turns us all into a Clark Griswold. It makes us set standards that no couple can live up to. We enter the bedroom thinking we are some hot stud and end up looking like Cousin Eddie. Take time to get to know your wife and let her take the time to get to know you. Explore each other taking the time to share your likes and dislikes. If you can nail that down you can make those images you have seen on the screen or magazine look like a bunch of unskilled laborers. I promise!

Oh yeah……………….MERRY CHRISTMAS!!

Steve Oh