All of creation is in constant motion. We are all – – humanity, animals, plants; everything is undergoing a process of maturation. We are born, we grow, we mature and we die. Life and every aspect of it is cyclical. 

In the context of XXXChurch, we want to discover how this cycle of life, or rather, the aspects of life, are cyclical and part of an ongoing process. In the scope of sexuality or rather promiscuity, this can often be a dangerous cycle; a risky maturation process. 

For it is in this cycle, that we become desensitized to sexuality. As a person enters the world of sexual deviancy, pornography and the like, they enter into a “soft” core world, where things seem innocent enough. It is under this assumption and claim of innocence, that things aren’t that bad, that the person progresses over and over, and further and further into pornographic disaster. They desire the more “hard” core things, which now seem soft and gentle. They have become desensitized. 

The behaviors of progressive sexual deviancy are not limited to the realm, but are acted out in many other milieus. However, the same principles apply: the soft becomes hard; the unacceptable, acceptable. 

Transformation is a process as well. Romans 12:1-2 talks of this process of transformation. Specifically, the word transformation there gives an image of a maturing butterfly, as a part of the cycle of life. In order to grow into full maturity, every person must go through a process. As a follower of Jesus Christ, this process begins the moment a person accepts Him. This is not to say the maturing Christian life is free of sin, but rather, that as the process is ongoing, God will renewing your mind through the process of transformation. So if you are thinking you are a screw up, understand that you are not. This is a part of the process of transformation. God will renew your mind and continue to do a great work in you. If you are a pastor, be aware of the situations your congregants are going through. Both the spiritual and sexual are processes. Our aim in this is to guide them along the right path and help them make the right decisions. I pray you are emboldened to do so.