Do you ever get that stopped up feeling, like you are awaiting something that just doesn’t ever seem to come? And everyday you spend countless hours thinking of things you can do to unplug yourself, yet to no avail. It is rough to be stuck!

So… what gets me unstuck? What unclogs the pipes? What are the keys to getting rid of that extra load you’re carrying around? Well I’m no nutritionist, but I do have a few keys you can use to help churn things out, and make sure you’re regular; super regular.

  1. Eat your vegetables – That extra fiber really does a body good.
  2. Quit the junk food – Not only are the millions of calories adding to your waistline, they’re adding to your waistline.
  3. Eat a balanced meal – Don’t overload on the carbs; too much salad turns you into a shooter – meats are tasty, but every day consumption = high BP+Cholesterol.
  4. Share the meal – enjoy food with family and friends.

In layman’s terms: {Focus}+{Refuse}+{Refuel}+{Transparency}=Regularity

  1. Develop daily habits that lead you to the cross.
  2. Whatever is taking you away from the cross, STOP.
  3. Seek out old and start new ways that lead you to… you guessed it: the cross.
  4. Spend time at the cross with your friends, family and those who hold you to that higher standard in your life.

There you go. Four keys that will get you unstuck. Unclog the pipes. Keys that will get rid of that extra load you’re ever so burdened by. Can’t seem to regular on your own? Well, you’ve come to the right place. We’re all about regularity here, and if there’s ever a way we can hold your hand (so to speak) through this process, we’re all over it.