Invasion: An incursion; an effort to conquest or plunder.  

Has pornography invaded my life? The answer to that question is more dynamic than one might think. Yes, porn has invaded my life in that it is everywhere; porn is media driven, socially ambiguous and cultural prevalent. As a pastor, I feel as though I am always under constant attack in this manner. Go ahead and do a quick Google search for pastor in the news section and you can see a direct connection between sexual promiscuity (in its various forms) and pastoral blowups. It is a real sad state, but it is reality.  

And at the same time yes, porn has invaded my life. Yet another answer is also true. No, porn has not invaded my life. No because though the incursion is mounted up against me and the temptation is always present, it has not been allowed a place to attack or penetrate. I have a great support system who keeps me accountable, and keeps me to my word. 

  1. I have a wife who holds me to the highest standard: as a pastor, as a father, and most importantly as a husband. 
  2. I have a friend who is not afraid to ask the difficult questions as well as share his mess. 
  3. XXXChurch has my back: x3Watch for my Mac, phone and iPad keeps track of what I do on the web and let’s me and my accountability structure know if I am slipping.  

So while the answer to the question is both yes and no, I can honestly answer that porn is not allowed a foothold in my life. It is not conquering me and it certainly is not plundering. Let the incursion continue. I am prepared. My team is prepared. Are you?

Accountability is a key component in recovery. offers two options for accountability.

X3 Groups is a online based group that meets weekly at the same time offering personal accountability with others. This is an option if you are unable to find someone in your area that will offer this help.

X3 Watch is another option that goes hand in hand with the X3 Groups and any accountability. This is a program that can be placed on either your computer or mobile devices.