I was having lunch with my tech guy today and he asked me what I thought about “chatroulette.” Honestly, I had never heard of it and so he told me a what it was. This new website allows for you to meet multiple people at random through web cams. You simply push “play again” and you will be connected with another person somewhere in the world. When connected you can audibly speak with them or text chat on the screen.

I am sure people will defend this site explaining that it is simply fun and that it is not intended for sexual explicit material or gratification, but we all know that is not true. The reality is that this site is filled with boys, men, pastors, and male senior citizens who are looking for some sexual pleasure. My tech guy told me in the 5 minutes he was looking at the site his webcam landed on a middle age man masturbating. The next web cam participant that ended up on his screen was a young child. This is absurd.

Here’s the point. Many pastor’s are talking a lot about fighting the battle against lust and pornography and yet are indulging themselves. With so many tempting avenues to choose, men with solid families and visible relationships with God are advocating purity on one hand and abusing pornography with another (literally). This should not and cannot be. James 3:10 in reference to the hypocrisy of our tongues says,

“And so blessing and cursing come pouring out of the same mouth. Surely, my brothers and sisters, this is not right!”

When we advocate purity from the pulpit and practice immorality in secret we are blessing and cursing God with the same heart. Make a stand, be an honest advocate, live a lifestyle of genuine authenticity, get support, love Jesus, and conquer the battle.