James was a man who longed for something deeper in his life. For years he was bound by the trappings of pornography. Porn soaked its way into every aspect of his life: His work, his personal relationships; everything. It literally controlled him. Church was never a part of his context, so when the church I serve at offered up a Sunday devoted to the topic of porn, James decided to attend. It was at this event that he found a community he longed for- one that was real and relevant- unafraid to tackle the difficult issues of sin. He saw Christianity as finally being something tangible; and he wanted it. That Sunday and the following porn breakfast altered the course of James’ life for eternity.

James died two months ago from a long battle with cancer. Seeing a fully grown man go from weeping over the sin of his past and handing his life over to God to a man bold and strong in his final days took its tole on the church community. I found solace though in the knowledge that x3Church made a difference in this man’s life. It was through an open conversation that God spoke mightily in his life.

I say this for you today in order to embolden your task to seek the lost no matter where they are in their fallenness. James was a sinner, stuck in his ways, saved by the grace of God. Porn has no foothold in a man’s life where the Gospel is spoken boldly. So rise up church and be strengthened. Nothing shared on behalf of Jesus will return void.