“Sex Scandal involving _________ Leader.” Prominent leaders are in the news on a recurring basis not for their leadership but rather because they got caught with their pants down. Incase you missed them, here are a few names & links: Bill Clinton / Tiger Woods / John Edwards / Ted Haggard / David Letterman / more! / even more!! Beyond the details, here valuable observations for aspiring pastoral leaders:

Observation #1 – These leaders will be forever remembered for their sex life decisions before they will be remembered for the positive changes brought about by their leadership and abilities.

Observation #2 – The pain these leaders experienced and caused to others is greater the the fun that they had while they were screwing around.

Observation #3 – Everyone wrestles with something, even high capacity leaders. Everyone has a personal demon to slay daily or temptation to overcome. Too often we place leaders on pedestals. And too often we as leaders place ourselves there.

Observation #4 – Position, power, money and influence will naturally lead towards entitlement. It is only through reliance upon God, personal discipline, humility AND allowance for authentic accountability that a leader will avoid great these great falls.

Bonus Observation: If you ever find that you have made a bad decision in this arena, follow the “come fully clean the first time” strategy.

For the record I am a big fan & advocate of forgiveness for those who are truly seek it because of course I am VERY fallible myself.