Churches seem to preach community on a regular basis, and for good reason. It’s what Jesus created, his last and perhaps greatest achievement: the Church. However, when it comes to the mess of community- sin, in whatever form it may ensue, true Church character is often left aside. Judgment, guilt and pain take over. No one wants to deal with other people’s messes. But that’s central to the Church being the Church.

We are supposed to carry each other’s mess. The Bible calls these burdens. Look it up. The problem is, we believe that. We try really hard to believe it. We do our best to own it. It’s just that our messes, can just get, well… really messy. And then other people start to see filth on us, and it’s not even ours. And yet- it is. It is ours. The Church. Community. Carrying one another’s burdens.

Are the messes of your Churches known? Are they shared? Are they being carried? If they are, you can bet that the health of your church is where it needs to be and that true Christ-like community is being shared and owned. And what if it’s not? Well… you’re the pastor. Change it.