Sitting in my office and listening to the pain of others seems to be a regular occurrence these days. People are struggling. Often times it is very clear to me where someone has tripped up, why they have gone astray, and what has happened to their marriage to cause such rebellious activity. It seems to be a season of counseling people through the destruction of adulterous affairs. I wonder if in the midst of an affair you are able to picture the pain and anguish that will be inflicted on your family? Some may say that people who cheat do not really care for their wife and family or they would not have been unfaithful or viewed pornography; I would not agree. In most cases it seems that the lure of sin is so strong that the consequences of their actions are all but forgotten.

If sin is so strong and we are often times so weak than anyone of us could find ourselves in this horrible situation; harming the one’s we love. I don’t know about you, but I am determined to fight this battle strong so that I am not that guy.

If I have learned anything from the failure of others over the last few weeks it is that the promises sin offers are blatant lies. On the other side of sin are not green pastures, hours of porn style sex, and freedom. On the other side of sin are death, decay, destruction, tears, regret, harm, and resentment. I can see that clear as day in the lives of others and I must see it even more clearly in my own life. A life of integrity and love for Jesus always delivers more than sin ever could.

Galatians 5:7, “You were running the race so well. Who has held you back from following the truth?”

Sin promises results it cannot deliver. Jesus promises a life only he can deliver. Place your faith in Jesus this week. Don’t lose track or traction. Continue to run the race strong turning your back to the deception of sin. When tempted remember, sin will NOT deliver. Jesus, on the other hand, delivered you freedom by sacrificing his own life. It is this love that becomes our motivation to be obedient to Jesus over sin.