The story of Christie Brinkley’s ex, Peter Cook, has been all over the news and with his latest confession about being “lonely” and lacking “emotional support” from Christie a whole new round of news stories has surfaced. I wanted to take a look at some of what he’s been saying and how it gives us insight into a man’s heart. But I want to hear your responses before I give you my take on it. So perhaps as you read about his secret sexual activity and read the quotes from his side, let me know your take on it. I’ve got questions below the article to get you started.

His secret activity:
The New York post reported this about Peter’s sexual addiction:

•    Cook spent $3,000 a month on Web porn, pleasured himself on a Web cam, and trolled for sex  partners on swinger sites.

•    He paid his teenage mistress $20,000 in “salary” in addition to gifts of lingerie, jewelry and cash.

•    He tried to cover up the affair, and ultimately paid Bianchi $300,000 in hush money.

•    Brinkley found pornographic images on Cook’s computer – and their preteen son, Jack, accidentally saw them, too.

•    Cook tried to bail himself out by revealing he and Brinkley viewed porn together as a “precursor” to sex.

His words after being busted:
Peter Cook:
I wanted a little acknowledgement, a little attention, a little thank-you every now and then for my efforts, for the amount of time I took to care for her and my family, for the wealth I was building. Just the tremendous amount of work I was putting into my family”.

Peter Cook:
“I was seeking a connection I could not find in my own marriage.”

Peter Cook:
“My hope is that the world will see that I’m not the scumbag pervert that I’ve been painted to be.”

Here are some questions and suggestions to get you going:
1. Do Christian guys get to indulge in porn because their wives don’t give them any attention?

2. Is there some validity to his claim about needing “connection”?

3.  Speak to the issue of “cover-up” and the more damage it causes.

4.  Speak to the issue of needing “acknowledgement,” “a little attention,” and “thank-you” from your own experience with your spouse, or just in life if you’re single.

5.  What do you make of his “scumbag pervert” comment? Have you ever used self-deprecating language mainly as a way to cope and win sympathy?

6. In spite of having a beautiful and famous (model) wife Peter Cook still sought out porn and affairs. What does this reveal about a man’s heart? Ever wondered why your good friend with the gorgeous wife cheats with some girl who is far less attractive than his wife?

Can’t wait to hear from you on this.