Consuming pornography does not lead to more sex, it leads to more porn. Much like eating McDonalds everyday will accustom you to food that (although enjoyable) is essentially not food, pornography conditions the consumer to being satisfied with an impression of extreme sex rather than the real. –Virginie Despentes

Oh my. That just yells volumes at me.

As someone who has been in the deep on pornography and as someone on the outside of it, man that is truth. Porn, masturbation, fantasizing, will always promise to fulfill you, will always promise you that it will meet your need, at your very point of that need; it says it can sustain you. But much like Taco Bell every day, and the end of it all, it will end crappy!

With sin we only long for more sin, it’s a gaping hole; that just continues to suck in, any and everything that might meet its need, its thirst, it’s cravings.

Sin will take you further than you ever want to go. It will cost you more than you ever want to pay. It will make you stay longer than you ever desired to stay.

There was a moment not too long ago, I had the chance to talk to a bit older man, whom had pastored 3 or 4 churches, and he’d hosted revival, he’s performed miracles, let’s just say he was killin’ it! He has recently relapsed, if you will, and fallen back into sexual sin hard. As he sat there with shaky hands, holding his coffee, telling me his torubles, he broke down. He broke down and said that right after he had done what he had done, he felt no guilt, no remorse, he didn’t feel God there with him, in him, around him, and nowhere to be found. He told me that he cried, he yelled, and he asked God why God wasn’t meeting these needs in his life, why God wasn’t fulfilling every desire, why there was this hole still. What had he done that God left him, left him bare, defenseless, and longing for something that sex couldn’t fill, that he himself couldn’t fill.

That’s what it is guys. Men, woman, teens, seniors, this is what sin does, this is what sin looks like. Took a man I considered to be a spiritual giant, a hero of the faith, to me. Sin took him where he never desired to go, kept him there longer than he would have ever liked, and promised things it could never hold up on.

God designed sex for marriage. He designed it perfectly, He designed it to meet those needs in both men and woman. Any sort of sex, outside of a man and woman marriage, is sin. Anything that isn’t that cannot bring you what God promises. It cannot fulfill that very need, it cannot be what God intended your spouse to be for you. It will promise it can, but it will give you nothing but momentary pleasure, and then leave you, by yourself, vulnerable, wrecked, lacking composure, feeling of abandonment, and sure enough maybe the next day, or the next hour, or the next week; you’ll be seeking that moment of pleasure again. And then the cycle repeats.

I urge you! I urge you, if you that’s you, if you’re toying around with anything outside of spousal sex, please get with a fellow brother, hash this out, and get accountability. Sin hurts your, it hurts others around you. Your sin is not a problem for God. Get with a brother, get accountable, set yourself up for success with this, get rid of any and everything that can possibly hinder you and your purity, and spend time with Jesus. Your sin is not deep enough, is not wide enough, is not vast enough, that the blood of Jesus cannot cover it.

No sinner is irreparable or irredeemable.

In Him,