The prodigal blogger has returned! Sorry for the hiatus everyone so much to do and so little time. I’m writing to you from a Southwest Airlines flight to Reno, NV for a meeting.
I’ve managed to catch some of the NBA playoffs over the past few weeks. There have been some exciting moments especially in the Cavs/Magic series. In basketball a blocked shot is an intimidating thing to see and experience. There’s usually a collective “ooooooh” from the audience with the guy who just had his stuff swatted wondering what happened hoping he got fouled.

In listening to pastors and members over the years who struggle with porn a common trigger seems to be experiencing REJECTION. It seems to be the equivalent of a “life block” a “foul” of the worst sort, and it hurts terribly. Now granted sometimes we pastors are just a bit too sensitive but nevertheless rejection is something that we all feel at times and it does make us vulnerable to porn.  The thing about porn is that it never turns you away or rejects you it is always inviting, welcoming. The images aren’t meant to turn you off but to turn you on.

So how do we deal with rejection? How do we handle those times when we get “blocked” by someone or just feel like the world is against us? Here are some things to think about and I invite you to respond with more guidance.

  • Jesus has not rejected you. He knows what it’s like!
  • Don’t shut down, rather talk and open up about it to someone. If it is a specific individual pursue the relationship.
  • Remember that the feelings of rejection will subside so don’t react foolishly or seek out the easy comforts of porn.
  • Think about what else is going on with you perhaps your feelings of rejection are a bit overblown and fatigue or other issues could be affecting you.
  • It may be appropriate to “shake the dust” off your feet and move on.

Courage, Bernie