Everyone’s romantic in his or her own way. It is also true that some people have serious impediments to expressing love in a passionate and starry-eyed way. When you struggle expressing your love romantically, occasions like Valentine’s Day can become very daunting and produce large amounts of pressure. When we are in a relationship there will always be some degree of romantic pressure. This can be a motivator to build a more solid relationship and a trigger to unhealthy sexual behavior. It is important that you see pressure to be romantic as an opportunity instead of a problem.

Often we need a little bit of pressure to perform better in our love life. It is so easy to grow so comfortable with another person that you stop surprising them with acts of kindness and love. The pressure must become nothing more then a reminder to continue expressing love in a way your significant other can understand.

Often I hear separated couple talk about how they just lost the spark or how they simply grew apart. At some point they stopped feeling the pressure to go out of their way and show love in a new and exciting way. Next time you feel the pressure to be romantic use it as an opportunity to ask your significant other a few questions.

-What do I do that makes you feel the most loved by me?

-When is a time you really felt and experienced my love?

-Do you want to join the million other people trying to eat out on Valentine’s Day?

These questions will remind you of just how they are wired and how they receive your love. As you talk about how you experience love from one another it will relieve some of the pressure and ignite your creativity to show love. This conversation will also serve as a healthier way of dealing with the pressure then seeking out comfort in unhealthy sexual behaviors. There’s an ability to be romantic in every person – don’t run from the pressure, see it is an opportunity.