Finding purpose in a world of almost endless possibilities.
Finding purpose in the midst of gradual moral decay and decline.
Finding purpose in a stagnant and apathetic generation. 
Sobriety is finding purpose in God and God alone. When you look around, all the other things that you attempt to complete your life just fall flat and miss the mark compared to the all encompassing love of Jesus Christ. See, you can spend your whole life on a journey to find your life’s purpose, only to never find it. Or better yet, to never see it.
Because it’s right there beside you. It’s right there in the palm of your hand. It’s the moment you open up the Bible and read of God’s great love for you and of His great love for the world. It’s the moment you truly understand for the first time in your life, that finding purpose is all about seeking Him out with every ounce of your being. 
It’s knowing without a shadow of doubt that you are His, and He is yours. And then your life is opened up to the endless possibilities of sharing and being Good News to your neighbors. It’s you standing up and pushing back against the cattle call of culture. It’s the joining of your life with the Spirit of God in a purpose that is directed toward bringing others far from God, near to Him once again. 
Sobriety is finding purpose. In God, in what He longs for you, and in the direction He is leading you, to lead others in this great, grand journey of life.