As I look at my sobriety and I realize its a daily choice. I’m reminded of the fact that its not about the big decisions but about all the small decisions that lead to the big decision. If sobriety is about a daily choice then what are all those things I choose on a daily basis that lead to choosing sobriety. Here is a list for me:

 Today I choose:

To Forgive Others for the small things

To tell people when I’m uncomfortable

To try not and get angry when I’m driving

To not be alone to long

To try and get to bed at a decent hour

To exercise

To realize when stress is building up in my life

To call one person and not be a secret

To have gratitude in my life

To be generous today

To freely give grace

To keep my judgments of others in check

To laugh at myself more freely

To laugh with others more often

To see the best in people

To not worry about what others think as much as what God thinks

To respond to people instead of react

I hope we all spend a few minutes thinking about all the small decisions we make everyday that shape our lives. I pray today is a daily choice for sobriety for me and for you.