When you see creation through God’s eyes true beauty is revealed. One of the problems with pornography is it distorts everything you see. Pornography transforms beauty God-honoring women into objects to be used for personal gratification. Instead of seeing a woman as loved by God, as a child of God, we see a woman that may please our perceived sexual needs. What seems crystal clear to our minds has actually been distorted by our sin. In God’s eyes she is not an object; she is a daughter to beloved and respected.

The biggest problem is our inability to distinguish real beauty from imitation beauty. Unless you are willing to starve your mind from the false images and beliefs associated with pornography you will NEVER see beauty the way God sees it. Absolutely essential to seeing life through God’s lenses is active sobriety.

Sobriety is abstinence that produces clear-headedness and ultimately freedom.

When your head is foggy from sin you become satisfied with false realities. They are not real realities nor are they sustainable, but some how those false realities become satisfying for the moment. Without question the true beauty of a person, a behavior, a moment will ultimately become clear. This moment can be both heart breaking and devastating for an addict. At that moment you realize that you have been going to a dry well for water. There is actually no beauty in your behavior. Some people call this “the bottom.”

The beauty of “the bottom” is it begins the process of clearing your mind and opening your eyes. You may begin to think, there is greater beauty out there. The only thing that stands between you and real beauty is sobriety. Own it, claim it, work it, and watch it transform what and whom you can see.

Will you choose to abstain from your addiction today and begin to live a life style of recovery?