There is a ton of stuff out there about pastors and accountability. Books. Magazines. Blogs (like this one). With so much out there, how are you to know what to do? How do you go about doing it? Too much information bogs down the thought process. There’s an adage out of North Point Church, “Speak Less For More”. This means simplifying the process, from speaker to listener, so communication is caught… not just taught. That’s our aim here with accountability. We want to set you up for success, not failure. So today, let’s Keep It Simple. Below you will find some encouraging steps you can take in the process of accountability.

  1. Find one, two or a small group of trusted friends to be a part of your team.
  2. Set up regular times of discussion.
  3. Be transparent.

Life happens naturally; being completely open (I like to use the word transparent) does not. This will have to be something you work on. It’s hard stuff. Let’s face it- no one likes talking about the filth of their lives. We call it filth for a reason, right?

Use these steps to give yourself a good start, and watch what God does with you… and your team, as He takes you through the process of living a transparent life. God bless you in your journey as you seek Him.