When Is The Last Time You Were On The Receiving End?

Ever have a difficult time saying no? The phone rings on your day off and there’s an emergency. Someone’s daughter is pregnant, a marriage is ending, someone is hungry, the alarm at the church is sounding – emergencies. Whether they are real real or perceived emergencies, the call for help is coming to you.

Over years of ministry I have found it really difficult to say no to non-emergencies. I am not sure if I am a softy or the people in our churches are just really good at communicating outright desperation. The reality is, the heart of a pastor is to give. We are shepherds. When the sheep in our churches are left to themselves they are attacked and stolen by wolves. These wolves are in all shapes and sizes and more often than not the sheep don’t see them coming until it is to late. And so we give.

When is the last time you received?

Our tanks can empty in a matter of minutes! Our tanks can only handle so much fuel. In our battle for sexual purity it is essential we are constantly evaluating our input verses our output. We have to take the time to eat. When we eat from God’s word we are refreshed. When we eat in prayer our vision gains clarity. When we eat in relationship with other pastor’s and trusted friends we realize our inability to go forward alone.

For some of you today, it is your inability to receive encouragement, attention, and accountability from others that is preventing your sexual purity. Take a moment today and call a trusted friend, sit in silence before Jesus,  and meditate on His words.

Say no to the constant demands today and refill your tank.