Over the last few months I have been learning a lot about my sin and my relationship with God. When I sin I build up a wall between myself and God. God never causes me to sin, it is a personal choice that I make to put my will ahead of God’s will. Let me say that again, when I choose to sin I put my desires before God’s.

What is great about God is that he is always ready to deal with my sin. He is ready to tear down the wall that I have built between the two of us. If I admit that I have put myself first and that I have built the wall, he is there destroying the wall that I have built. He takes my sin and our sin away brick by brick.

God never builds a wall between us and him. He desires to have a relationship with us with nothing standing in the way. The challenge is to not put my will before God’s will in my life. The challenge for me and for us is not to build the wall.

Justin H.