the point of recoveryWhat’s the point of recovery? I ask this because I believe that many of us see recovery as the goal rather than a means to a goal. Let me explain.

For many, the reason they seek freedom from porn is because they just want to stop looking at it. Now while I agree that not looking at porn is a great goal, I think it’s a short sighted one.

For me, I think of porn addiction as something that stifles us. It keeps up from being the best spouse, the best parent, the best pastor, and the best leader we can be.  In other words, porn addiction keeps us from our best and more importantly from God’s best.

In our X3groups recovery program our ultimate goal is not to free men from porn addiction; it’s to enable them to find God’s best by breaking free from the thing that keeps them trapped and less effective. When someone enters an X3group we don’t see him or her as a future “recovered addict.” No, we look at them as a future leader with great potential.

If you struggle with porn ask yourself, “Can I do better?” After that take an honest inventory of your life (and ministry in some cases) and make an honest evaluation … Are you being the most effective person you can be living in God’s best for you, or are you settling for something far less?

As we come to the end of February, think about what recovery means and how it could completely change your life. Get serious about recovery because when you do it will change your life … just like it did for Cory.

“X3Groups has been an absolute game-changer for me in my quest for sexual purity.  I still remember how afraid I was of people finding out, constantly looking over my shoulder, and the stress of trying to manage my secrets.  To be able to jump into a safe space like this and willfully share the honest truth, knowing that it would be met with grace, understanding, and unconditional love… was huge.  For one hour a week, I didn’t have to pretend to be something I was not, and it was in that hour that I began to truly understand the deeper issues underneath my behavior and address the root problems. 

X3Groups helped me identify the specific things that trigger me to run towards porn, and they equipped me with the tools necessary to create a victorious environment wherever I go so that I can more consistently avoid being triggered in the future.  The group leader’s own struggle and recovery was inspiring to me – I knew that I was being led by someone who has been where I was. 

After a while, I was asked if I’d be interested in leading a group of my own in order to help other guys like me.  I was so excited about the opportunity to do for others what someone else did for me.  In fact, leading my own group is one of the best motivators to me to maintain my sobriety.  Every Thursday morning I look forward to logging on and connecting with the guys in my group.  I am so encouraged when people take steps towards the life they know inside they were created for!”

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If you are interested in starting a local X3group in your area or church find our more about the X3groups Local Network here.