The human experience was designed with sex in mind. The opposite sex captivates our attention. Physically, chemically, psychologically; sexuality oozes out of our pours. It is a part of what makes humanity unique. Yet it is also because of this drive, this innate desire to be fulfilled in such a way, that churches need to give attention to this topic. Unfortunately, there is this almost underlying misnomer on churches teaching sex amongst the general public, as if sex were a taboo discussion. Yet the scriptures are laden with sex. It is everywhere. From the beginning, to the end, sexuality is strewn about, and for good reason. 

Adam and Eve were not just created man and female to procreate. They were a direct reflection and representation of the Godhead: Father, Spirit, and Son. Marriage is considered the closest thing humanity can get to the triune experience. The ways the Jews wrote of love in the Old Testament directed the people’s attention to heavens. The common words for love: rayah (friends), ahaba (committed friends), and dowd (intimate marriage love), speak to the dynamic concepts of love as expressed by God. Love is important to God. Sex is important to God. And because sex is the ultimate expression of love according to God’s standards, it should be important to us, His people. 

Think also about the implications if the church negates to teach on the topic. Those who choose to remain silent, relegate their voice to those who speak up instead, and those who do speak may not share godly viewpoints. Therefore, if the church fails to have a voice on the topic of sex, they hand their voice over to someone who will. Look around at how culture values sex in today’s marketplace. Sex is easy, inconsequential, without boundaries, flippant, selfish. If the church wishes their voice to be different, then they must speak up; they must choose to give voice.

Sex is a beautiful thing. It is a godly thing. It is a scriptural thing. And as such, should be a topic that all churches, all denominations, take on head on. It can be an area of triumph and great success; one that both enriches the Christian community as well as reaches the masses at large. Sex is important to God. I pray that it is important enough to you to give voice to it today.