Absolutely. Positively. Broken. Shattered into millions of tiny pieces, strewn about the room. A husband’s confession tore open the heart of his wife, and she lay huddled in an almost embryonic state. A decade long married crumbled at the state of his depravity. If only someone was there to help him along the way.

This man gave up his fight against porn because no one wanted to help him. People simply avoided him; cast him aside as a dirty, filthy wretch. They saw the sin in his life more than they saw him, so he just kept silent, while destruction continued brewing inside.

Porn has a way of destroying things: Marriages, hope; life. It’s like a termite slowing working its way through a home until it all comes crumbling down. However, there is a remedy, a solution to this ever-growing problem: us. Yes, we are frail, corrupted sinners, but we can make a difference. Christians have been called by Christ to live in a community where these problems are brought out into the open, discussed, challenged and dealt with. The problem lies in the inability to talk and live through the hard stuff of life.

As pastors, our calling is to be the leaders on the front line in dealing with issues such as pornography. We are not called to sit back and judge or stay silent, but rather stand up for our fellow brothers and sisters in Christ and their families. The challenge for you now is this: will you stand up and avoid the silence by addressing the elephant in the pew?