You thought we didn’t know. 

You thought it was a secret. 

But the truth is out for both pastors and youth pastors: sexual sin is destroying you.

Chances are, if you’re reading this, then it’s because you already know you’re risking everything, and you’re at this site trying to keep the pieces together before they shatter.

 All I have for you is encouragement.

For many of you, I’d imagine your experience was as follows: you did the right things, learned the right doctrines, preached the right sermons, and you were likable. You got the job and the wife to accompany you.

But the entire time, you had a shadowed interest, a dark desire. You thought that your embrace of it would stop when you said, “I do.” You truly believed God would redeem your purity through the marriage bed he blessed. Then the realities of life hit you like a locomotive, and since you are not Superman, you went to back to that old well of forbidden water.


And Again.

And Again.

Now you are drunk on it, perhaps worse than you ever imagined. You love your wife and don’t know how you’d live without her. Meanwhile, everyone in your congregation is coming to you for help, guidance, and assistance regarding the very issue that haunts you. Each day you walk along the edge of a knife. One false step and you’ll bleed. You are dying inside your soul as a result.

Sound familiar?
 Or was that just me?

I know it. Frankly, I have days when I’m glad I rebelled as much as I did in my twenties so as never to find myself in a position as difficult as yours. You are in a terrifying place. Your confession could cost you your job, so you keep it to yourself, longing for deliverance by will or by miracle. However it comes, you’ll take it.

Well, today it has arrived. 

Remember, you are already delivered from this sin. When Christ died on the cross and you accepted him, thereafter, your slate was washed clean. That you have already beaten this thing is the spiritual truth and reality. Your victorious status before God cannot be contested. So, regardless of what happens when you begin processing this, be reminded: Your story is a comedy; ultimately, it will have a happy ending. 
Do not let it become a tragedy while you are still here. 

So here is my challenge to you: start living in that reality now. Embrace your redemption, even at earthly loss, for eternal glory truly awaits you. Pastors, hear me. You can still serve our Lord after this. In this. Through this. 

Yes, it will cost you. 

It may cost you a wealth of earthly things—prestige, employment, and income; but the spiritual tax you are paying to hold on to this secret is far more expensive. The internet is full of stories of men like you who have had their lives destroyed by their sin. 

You have help. 

You have support. 

Use it.

And then let God use you.

Your story is never finished (Tweet This!).


What’s you story? We want to hear it.

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