In episode 5 of eXXXamine – Real & Raw Conversations About Porn & Purity, I had the honor of speaking with international actress, Nargis Fakhri. 

Nargis and I spoke about fame, social media, porn, and so much more.

My biggest takeaways from this conversation are:

  1. God will always bless a pure heart.
  2. Joy is internal. You could gain the whole world yet lose your soul. Too many of us search for contentment externally when all along you possess everything you need to be joyful.
  3. If it doesn’t fit your vision, throw it out.
  4. Using social media and apps to connect with people online robs you from the experience of having authentic face-to-face relationships.
  5. Being transparent with your spouse will put a hedge of protection upon your marriage.

I pray this interview blesses you. Be sure to share this series with a friend! In episode 6, I am going to bring you a former porn addict, Conroy Smith. Conroy has found healing and freedom from his addiction, and I know you can too!

We believe that through this series and our resources, you will find the answers to questions you’ve been afraid to ask. You’ll find tools that bring healing, and encouragement in your journey, wherever you may be.

Be sure to share this series with a friend!