Sex Addiction Counseling

Let’s start here: sex addiction counseling is here and available for you.

Well, not “clinical” counseling but practical counseling. The type of “counseling” that can really help you without costing you thousands of dollars.

Now, not everyone visiting us here at XXXchurch necessarily needs sex addiction counseling. It could be that you or someone you love would benefit more from porn addiction treatment or something of that nature.

But if you or someone you love is addicted to sex – to the point where either they or you are needing sex addiction counseling – then we can help.

Breathe easy.
Freedom from your addiction is available.
Right here.

And you can start right now.

Practical counseling for sex addiction can come in different forms, and we have two especially that can help you put this addiction away for good: X3groups and X3coach.

X3groups is an online small group that meets for one hour, once a week. These groups are a place for you to be known, among others who are just like you, but who only meet online, making it a tremendously safe environment for you to receive input and encouragement. Through X3groups, you’ll receive encouragement and support from your peers, all while being led by a fully trained facilitator – often someone who has overcome the very addiction you struggle with. Check it out here.

The X3coach program, on the other hand, is an intensive, one-on-one mentorship with someone who has been where you are. It’s sex addiction coaching from someone who knows exactly how you feel – and how you CAN feel. Get more info here.

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