When my husband and I were in the early stages of recovery I took great comfort from hearing stories of other people who were in challenging situations and whose marriages were restored. It helped me to know that I was not alone. In those days I didn’t think that the messages of the Advent season, themes of hope and peace and restoration, were for me. In fact, there were days when I wondered if I would ever experience them again.

Typically when we think of Christmas and Advent we think about the birth of child and the good news of a Savior. It was comforting to see that this season is also about a marriage that was strained and renewed. Mary had to tell her fiance that she was carrying a child that was not his. Her situation was certainly difficult but here is what is said about her:

“Blessed is she who believed that the Lord would fulfill his promises to her!” Luke 1:45

I found little joy in those days. I certainly didn’t experience the kind of hope and joy that should come with Christmas, and I suspect that many who read this blog are also feeling that loneliness this holiday season. I was never sure if I could count on the promises made by my husband but I knew that I could always count on the promises made by God. His promises are to prosper me, to give me hope, to give me a future, to proved and care for me, and to give me strength in my weakness. And he has the same promises for you.

As we approach Christmas I pray that you will be called blessed and that you will have faith and hope in the Lord believing that He will fulfill His promises to you.

Merry Christmas!