December 2nd.  To most This date means nothing.  How ever December
2nd is Christmas come early for me.  This will be my second year clean
of porn.  This date will for ever stay in my head and I will continue
to celebrate it.

Over the last two years Darcy & myself have been committed to
re-building our relationship but, to also try and help others with
this as well.  We have been blessed with the opportunities that
xxxchurch has
provided to do this.  During this time God has not only blessed
us with hearing and seeing stories of others moving away from this
addiction but, theses stories have also helped heal our relationship as

If you are a couple dealing with this issue and you feel as though
there is no end to this and that your marriage could never survive
this; please do not give up yet.  We know how difficult this is as a
married couple working through trust, intimacy, and healing.  It is
never an easy thing when someone is recovering from an addiction but,
it is easier when you allow others in and most of all allowing God to
walk with you as well.  I can honestly say that their is no way that we
could have done this without others helping and most of all God. 
Please know that you are not alone in this and that many are praying
for you and willing to help

I would also like to thank everyone who has helped me with this over
the last two years.  We know that there are many people out there who
have or are praying for us on a regular basis and we thank you so much
for that.  Past blogs we have done we’ve received some very nice
feedback from people that has kept us moving forward during some slow
times.  There are so many people that we are thankful that God has
placed in front of us.  How ever a special thanks goes out to everyone
at xxxchurch who have been a huge encouragement in our healing and

Brian & Darcy