As a wife of a man who was unfaithful, I was always searching for love, security and affirmation.  This kept me in constant turmoil and always in pursuit of something or someone to fill the hole in my heart.  Thankfully, God took me through a process of healing and taught me where to go to get these needs met so I would no longer have to search. I would love to share with you today a little of what I learned.

God began to teach me that looking to someone else, usually my husband, or something else only left me feeling depressed, angry, and bitter.  I began to understand that I was not alone in my search, and that most people were searching too because these are God given emotional needs; however, I learned they could only be filled by Him.  No one or nothing could ever make me feel completely loved, completely secure, or completely affirmed.  I learned I had to look up to be filled up!

When we learn the only way we can get our needs met is by looking up, a whole new world is open up to us.  Robert McGee says it best in his book, The Search for Significance, “Our value is not dependent on our ability to earn the fickle acceptance of people, but rather, its true source is the love and acceptance of God.  He created us.  He alone knows how to fulfill all of our needs.”

Friends, we will never feel completely loved, secure and affirmed if we always look to our husbands and others to fill our needs.  We must look up and meditate on God and His word to fully grasp just how much we are truly loved.  Learning this truth and believing in our heart just how much we are loved, secure and affirmed in Christ, gives us freedom! So I’m curious, where do you go to find love, security and affirmation?