I feel like I get bad news a lot…..Due to my divorce we have been in the court system since 2007, almost weekly I get letters from the court or my lawyer.  It is usually another court date or a bill.  YUCK.  This month our van and the fridge died and we had more court dates.  The outcomes of those were not good.  Bad News.  I find myself always waiting for bad news, sort of waiting for the “other shoe” to drop kind of a girl.  Doing my bible study this week there were a bunch of verses on fear……..  Here is the one that HIT HOME for me this week…..

Psalm 112:7

“They will have NO FEAR of BAD NEWS; their hearts are steadfast, TRUSTING in the Lord.”

(Emphasis mine)

Wow.  What is it like to have NO FEAR of bad news?  What is it like to have a “steadfast heart that trusts in the Lord”?   I want to live like that.  To not be chained to bad news or the fear of it.  But to know that I stand on the solid rock that cannot be shaken NO MATTER WHAT!  I say I believe that….I think it’s time to live it.

Help us to have steadfast hearts that trust in you.  Remind us that we do not have to fear bad news.  You are way ahead of us working everything for our good.  Let us cast our fears to you.  Daily help us to know that NO MATTER what comes up, you have the last word.  Help us rest in you as we learn to put our fears in your hands.   AMEN