There are these misconceptions that age, entering into marriage, children are all going to at some point be the antidotes that cure our sexual perversions. We say things like “once I can have sex”, or “once I have my first kid”, even “once I hit this age” I’m done.

What ends up happening is we set up benchmarks to “quit”, but we don’t prepare our hearts for the long, sometimes pain staking journey of recovery. We then look at our lives, having wives, kids, and being up in age and wonder when or if we ever will quit, or if or can we actually quit. We think to ourselves how ridiculous we have allowed this to get out of control, and how we would do anything to not have this be apart of us anymore. How have I let this go on for so long? I swear I thought It was just a phase, to get me past my horny adolescence. Now I’m a married father and I “still” am doing this!

We grow disgusted with ourselves, and wish to God we had a way out Let me encourage you by saying this; there is a way out. Sometimes porn can drown you in your own illusions of how this is just a  “part of who I am”.  Porn is no respecter of age, family life, or church leadership. We can lose sight of the victory. We can lose sight of the fight. The bible says this in Paul’s writings (Ephesians) “Be strong in the Lord and in his mighty power”.

I read a great quote the other day that saidWe do not fight for victory.  We fight from victory! Sometimes the quitters heart beats louder then the heart of a champion. Remember, no matter the age, you still have the power to fight. Don’t lose sight of the victory at hand, fight from victory in our Lord, and the strength God has given you.