Websters describes confession as such:1 a:an act of confessing a disclosure of one’s sin in the sacrament of reconciliation.
Confession is an amazing gift given to us by God in order to
acknowledge or wrongful actions.  Just being able to confess something
to him can make you feel like a load of bricks have been lifted off of
your shoulders.  Just look at some of the confessions on the xxxchurch.com
website and you will notice that many feel great relief in doing so.
The feeling of getting something out into the open can be such relief
to your soul.

The only problem with many of us is that once we have confessed
our sins to God that is all we do.  So many of us, me included have
confessed our sin of pornography and our affairs with it many times.  I
had confessed so many times to God that it was now becoming routine
with all of the confessions running into one another.  Confession is an
awesome gift given to everyone.  The only thing is what do you do after
that?  For me I would usually be good for little bit then turn right
back around and dive head first into the sinful nature of looking at
porn instead of removing it from my life like I had told God I wanted
to do.

Year after year my addiction kept getting more and more out of
hand.  Time after time, I kept confessing to Him about this. The thing
is I was only confessing to God and not to anyone else around me who I
had destroyed if they could see it or not. As a married man I needed to
confess my struggles to my wife and ask for her forgiveness.  As a
leader of a small group I needed to confess this sin to them asking for
their forgiveness.  Some day when my children understand I will once
again have to confess this to them as well and ask for their
forgiveness.  Some may think why would I have to ask this of my
children.  The thing is porn took me down so many dark road that I
ended up spending more time with porn than I did my own children.  For
me I will not have closure of this sin until I do this.

The point is that confession between you and God is good and
needed but, unless you confess to others around you it will be next to
imposable to remove this sin from your life.  Maybe you have noticed
that 99.9% of the people who have gotten over this addiction did so by
confessing to others as well as God.  You will also notice that most of
their stories reflectupon a time when they confessed to God and no one
else spending more time in their sin.
If you are struggling with pornography and want out please
confess it to God and then to another person who will help hold you
accountable.  If you know your spouse or someone else is trapped by
this sin please talk to them about it.  Do not be the one who sits by
and watches as they flush their life, marriage, or career down the

If you are looking for resources to help please look at the resource pages at xxxchurch.com
If your a wife whose husband is struggling with this issue and
would like to talk to someone who understands what you are going
through please visit the Partners For Purity web site.  They have been were you are now and can help you heal in this process as well.