There is a movie coming out this week called Fireproof.  CLICK HERE for a link to the movie trailer.


The movie is about marriage in a setting of a fire department, with the thought that fireman are trained to never leave their partner behind.  Never leave your partner behind…no matter what.


Many times when Ann and I talk to couples we ask them about their marriage commitment…For better or for worse, in good times and in bad, in sickness and in health.  Too many of us have become willing to throw away a marriage and that is what this movie is about, in good times and in bad.


If you saw the movie Facing the Giants, this movie is made by the same people and if you don’t know who those people are, you might find it very interesting.


Facing the Giants was made by a small church in Albany, Georgia (Sherwood Baptist Church) by a pastor named Alex Kendrick on a VERY small budget of $100,000 (so we know God was involved).  Well it went BIG TIME and brought in a lot of money, all for a movie which spoke about the power of God in the lives of people.  If you have not seen this, go to Wal-Mart or Blockbuster and get it…it is a great movie for the whole family


Sherwood Baptist Church knew of the power of using film and movies to reach thousands for Christ.  This new movie will come out this Friday…Ann and I will be going with 20 or more of our good friends…


Go to the movie website, find a theater in your area, set a date night and then come share here next week with what you have learned, what your thoughts were as you watched this powerful movie.  If it is not available in your area there is a place on the site where they will help you bring it to your town…remember, satan does not want this in your town and you might have to put on the armor of God to get it done.


God bless you all…we are in a fight for marriages and movies like this, we think are helping us all to take a different look at this union which God has created…


Enjoy the date…and don’t forget to open the car door!!


Steve and Ann