I don’t know if you have noticed that the blogs have a theme or new flow…but they do.  We are trying something new and we are given a topic to write about for each blog.  At first I thought I would hate it…but I am enjoying having topics pitched to me.  So here was my question for this month:

“How have you encouraged/guided your husband sexually?”

Not going to lie, I giggled like a sixth grader reading her health textbook when I read it. I decided I better go right to the source and ask my husband (who also giggled like a sixth grader).  As he went through the list of things I do or have done to encourage him sexually, I realized, I AM doing something!!!  There are days it feels forced but I know it is important to him so it has just become part of what I do.  Here’s the thing (and ladies, don’t pretend like you don’t know what I’m talking about), I know women.  We could go weeks and not even think about sex–you know, busy with the kids, sick, on your period.  But I know my husband works differently, mentally and physically, and does think about it (ahem…every second of every day…but I digress).  So I talked to some girlfriends and made a little list of stuff for you to try.  I admit some of them are mine (hope my mom never reads this post), but now they are shuffled in so you will never know!  I want to preface this by saying that this is for women who have marriages that are stable and growing.  If you are in danger of ANY type of abuse or are rebuilding trust and physical intimacy is not recommended yet, hold off and know that you can store these away for a later date when it is safe.  WARNING:  These ideas should be used when you know Cell phone, kids, and others will not be able to gain access!I have tested them all out to make sure they work…….My husband approves.

Let’s Get IT ON:

-Text him at work or in the next room “D-O   M-E”-okay yes, that was one of mine (insert nervous laughter).

-Send him a text or leave him a voice mail about an encounter you will be having later (and not that he will encounter your wrath if he leaves his dirty clothes in a pile on the floor again).

-Make appointments on his calendar for sex (do not leave these with his secretary if he has one).

-Remind him of those appointments with notes, texts, or voice mail (“Mr. X this is Veronica reminding you of your sex appointment with your wife at 7pm this evening. Thank you”…p.s you are Veronica leaving the message!).

-Flash him as you walk by him in the house.

-Or walk by completely naked .

-Getting in bed and wait for him naked, so when he joins you and brushes up against you there is nothing in the way.

-Touching him in sensitive areas “by accident.” 

Not bad for a mom of three, eh?  Move over Redbook!  My main point is to encourage you to be creative and make sure you are fulfilling his needs too.  There have been times I have NOT been in the mood but know he is.  When I have given in and do it anyways, I actually find myself enjoying it and it NOT feeling like a chore.  Once you get into the habit of encouraging his healthy libido, you may even find that you want it more!  Shocker I know!