Yes, I’m a wife of a sex addict.  There I said it!  It is neither anything that I am proud of nor anything that my husband is proud of, but it is what it is.  However, in today’s society people glorify sex but crucify the ones that become addicted to it.  I was speaking with a friend just recently and I confessed that my husband was a sexual addict.  His response was, “A sex addict or pornography addict?”  He was not comfortable with the term sex addict because society has categorized sex addicts as pedophiles or perverts.  I’m here to say that sex addicts are usually the ones sitting on the pews at church, our neighbors, or the ones we usually don’t suspect.

I lived alone and in silence for so long because no one spoke out in fear of shame.  I am very thankful that I am able to speak out against sex addiction and what it did to me as a spouse.  It totally rocked my world and almost destroyed my marriage.  Thank God someone chose to stand up, take a stand, and freely admit they were a sex addict.  That day changed my life.

Through one person’s act of courage, my husband and I were able to connect with other couples that had gone through or were going through the same circumstances as us.  We quickly began a recovery support group and we now meet regularly.  I meet weekly with other spouses that share my same journey and we are able to give each other hope and support.  Being active in a recovery support group is vital to healing.  I pray if you are not involved in a group that you find one in your area today.  Blessings to you!