I remember sitting in my office one day feeling like crap after looking at porn again.  I knew it was wrong and that it was now affecting my life and everything else around me.  I remember crying out to God praying that he would take this away from me and just make it go away.  Then it happened again, and again, and again.  This was now becoming a cycle in my life.

I read a lot of confessions here on the XXXChurch website and I also hear a lot of confessions from people that are struggling with porn as well.  I keep hearing one thing more often than not and it bothers me since I have asked for the same thing before.  “I prayed to God several times but he has not heard my prayers”, “Even though I prayed to God he has not removed this sin from my life”, or “No matter how hard I prayed God did stop my thirst for porn”.

Now God is a very powerful and mighty God and can do very amazing things but, he is not going to just STOP the porn from entering into your life.  YOU are the one that needs to do something about it.  Now do not get me wrong he hears our prayers and our cries of wanting to stop looking at this crap.  He even answers our prayers but, we need to be active in this battle as well and not think that “oh well I prayed and now God; you can take care of it”.

He hears our prayers and he provides.  We just need to open our eyes and be ready for who or what he will send in order to help us remove this sin.  He may send someone that would be a great accountability partner.  Some times that person is the one we’d least expect.  He may place an event like Porn & Pancakes in front of you as well so that your eyes may be open to what you are doing.  He may even allow you to lose your job, wife, or money in order to wake you up and answer that prayer.

We also have to be on the offensive and play an active part in cutting this sin off right at the knees.  He is not going to do all the work for you.  You have to take the next step after confessing your sin to Him.  Keep your heart, mind, and eyes open for anything that God may place in front of you.  Get rid of the junk you’re looking at, get accountability software, get a good filter, and get an accountability partner.  This is not something that you will be able to just do by yourself and God never intended for you to walk through seasons like this by yourself.

He is an amazing God, a Beautiful God, a loving God, and a forgiving God.  He does hear your prayers and he heard my prayers to.  The only thing is I finally realized after 8 years of praying that I had to be a part of it as well.