I was asked what a healthy sex life looks like in the Word of God.  I thought this was an amazing question since the world’s view has obscured people’s thinking about sex so much.  However, before I could clearly get a grasp on how to answer that question correctly, I had to do a little digging in the Word myself.  I wanted to ensure that my view was accurately in line with God’s view.  In my digging, I discovered a healthy, biblical sex life looks like sheer beauty with plenty of warmth, intimacy, and love. 

This beauty is a gift for us waiting to be unwrapped the moment we get married.  God gave us this gift for the purpose of recreation and procreation.  Yes, it really was meant for recreation but only between a husband and a wife.  Proverbs 5:17-19 states “Enjoy the wife you married as a young man!  Lovely as an angel, beautiful as a rose — don’t ever quit taking delight in her body. Never take her love for granted!”  Unfortunately, if you are reading this post your spouse may have taken your love for granted and turned to pornography.  This hurts, I know because I’ve been there myself.  To know that my husband was not following God’s plan for our sex life hurt deeply.  This hurt contributed to my twisted view of sex.  I began to see it as something dirty and as an obligation.  However, taking time for myself to heal and delve into the word of God to discover His view of sex helped me so much.  After all, the greatest sex manual we can own IS the Bible!

In my own personal manual, the Bible, I learned that sex is not dirty and is not the way the world views it at all, quite the opposite!  I learned that sex should not be an obligation because it is meant to enrich intimacy between a husband and a wife.  Dr. Tim Clinton says it best, “When sex is experienced, as designed by God, nothing comes close to its expression of love.  It is an elusive love, however, one that is very fragile and easy to despoil.  But when a man and woman in love honor God and one another in marriage, sexual intimacy in its purest form is a blessing that God Himself will provide to the faithful couple.” 

God’s desire is for you to enjoy His gift and receive His blessing in a strong relationship of marriage.  For me to truly receive His gift, I had to come to the understanding that there is nothing wrong or dirty about sex in the confines of marriage.  If you have a worldly view of sex, I challenge you today to dig into God’s Word for yourself to discover what a healthy sex life really looks like.  You may need to speak with a Christian counselor to help you heal from your wounds and clearly view sex the way God designed it, but whatever it takes for you to be able to experience God’s blessings – do it!