Here at X3 Church we are always looking for people to share their stories and experiences with people here as regular bloggers. I am very excited to introduce to you Katie S. Katie has stories and experienced so much in her life. I am more excited about the lives that she will touch, help, heal, and shepherd here. A big thanks goes out to Katie for her willingness to serve this community of people. -Brian Mac

Hi all!  I am new at this so bear with me.  First of all, some background on me.  I got married in 2001 to a wonderful man or so I thought.  In 2006 after two children, he leaves me.  He was abusive during our marriage and I also came to find that he had multiple affairs.

So where does porn come in?  The issue came up in our marriage a few times.  He was a web designer and so was obviously online a lot.  He told me we had a filter and that was not his issue.  Well, that wasn’t true.  So, as it turns out he actually had a huge porn addiction. I was so uneducated.  What they say is true–what takes you online WILL take you offline.

His anger and abuse was fed by the Porn. Porn also played a role in his affairs.
Fast forward what feels like a few thousand years, I am remarried now and just had my third son in September. You better believe my new husband and I have had many talks about porn.  He has struggled with it in the past and has been honest about it with me.

We have the X3 watch on our computer and we have become very careful about what TV and movies we watch.  Oh, and by the way, porn is creeping into all of our homes through t.v. that starts at “prime time”.  We both know that raising 3 boys will be difficult in this subtle Porn/oversexed society.

I want to speak today about grace.  I beat myself up for a long time about being so stupid about what my ex was doing.   You may find yourself in this same battle.  If so, rest in the fact that God sees everything and that all sin that is in darkness will come into the light.  You are on this site reading this blog and moving forward.  Praise the Lord for that.

I pray your marriage is healed.  I pray that your husband will choose to turn from his sin.  I pray for your strength and wisdom as you walk with him.

Thank you for giving me your time and attention.  Keep wrestling with the Lord as you seek HIS wholeness and healing.  I will catch you next month!  Blessings.