I found this on the Internet today and well… only one thought.  No self discipline so blame your integrity issue on women, society and the alternatives.  While some of what he shares is valid in regards to what men are bombarded with, I think this is a total cop out and represents him as a man with no strength.  Perhaps that is what he is… a man without God.  People without God will compare sin to sin to justify it.  This is why the cross is foolishness to them.

Would love to hear your thoughts on his .02


Quote: “The point of the matter that some women should be thankful there was porn.
Yes as crazy as that is.

1000 years ago having 5-10 wives was normal, these people were normal and believed in God.
500 years ago somewhere about the word sin came into play for a man with many wifes.
100-500 years ago prostitution became well know for income and disease.
Last 5o years or so, women have been literally killing their husbands whom has sex outside marriage.
The 60’s and 70’s fidelity was out the window. Many blamed it on strip clubs and playboy.

The reality was that the first time women wanted to Vote and Work, is when this changed.
Thats not to sound sexist but is when it changed.

So now you have two ppl totaly exhausted wanting sex. Not a good scenario.

My wife is gorgeous, and sexxy but with two grow kids and jobs that we work opposite
umm what would you rather we as men do ? Flirt with co-workers or play with the monkey?

What the women do not want to hear is lust will lead to and affair, I know that to be a fact !!!
After giving up porn thats what happened. No outlet except another human body and walla.
Going back to Porn saved my marriage in a way because there is only so long you can fight that need.
Ya Ya Ya , ive heard the stories over and over if women can do it men can.
Do you know that 30% of women have affairs to a mans 50% not a huge difference.
So obviously women are out there riding another pony too. Porn doesnt sound so bad now does it?

The point is, while porn is not the best solution everyone whom votes
and has a job contributed to the porn industry coming of age. Thinking
of the pain and affair or giving your mate VD is far worse then getting
caught looking at boobies.

This is not to desencitized those women whom are hurt by thier mans porn use.
I know that can happen. But there is not much we can do about it.

Its like having a chocolate store at every corner in your city, and you
are gonna get fat eating at them, do you think that your huspands would
like you changing so much after getting married ? no…. I wouldnt buy
for one second women wouldnt be eating a few bites or a whole chocolate

So is it for men, you have short skirts everywhere, tight jeans that
show ever curve anywhere you look. And tops so tight there is no
imagination to the bra size and then we go home after being shown this
all over our cities and are told no sex.

So what about you women??
Daily soaps that 87% of women watch is soft core porn in its own right.
So should we be jeleous of you ladies sitting at home watching that hot
guy take his shirt off and crawl under the covers and moan and grown?
Isnt that porn too ladies its not what you see its what you feel when
watching it. So the ladies lie, and have since soaps began showing
affairs on TV daily when hubbies at work.

I like that my wife watches soaps each night , then see me laying beside her.
Porn…Its a fantasy people, affairs , hookers and VD are real.

Just my two cents. “ -End Quote

by a poster named Cybertoad