Sex with my husband is enjoyable on so many fronts. After nearly 20 years of marriage, we still desire each other and want to be together. It could be because we are so comfortable with each other despite the added pounds that now reside on our bodies. Maybe it’s because we know what each other likes and seek the please accordingly. But, mostly, I’d say, it’s because we are truly making a connection that is more than just physical.

The emotional closeness that I feel with my husband during love-making has gotten stronger over the years. I would say that it wasn’t as intense during the first years of our marriage because we hadn’t experienced a lot of life together by that time. But through joy and sorrow, losing loved ones and having children, feeling forgotten and experiencing betrayal, we have found that we are truly each other’s champion. It is vulnerable to open one another’s heart up to the other and share the deepest, darkest parts, however, when we do this, the intimacy we have does nothing but grow stronger.

There is also a spiritual connection that happens for us. If you can get past the embarrassment that God knows all and sees all, you will understand that He created sex for the husband and wife to enjoy together. When we do, we are fulfilling part of His will on this earth (Gen. 1:28; Song 1:13; Song 2:3; Song 4:5; Song 3:1). And that pleases our Heavenly Father.