It seems that pornography’s influence in our world is more rampant today than ever before!  Did you know that 47% of Christians said pornography was a major problem in their home?  Did you know 40 million U.S. adults visit pornography websites regularly?  You can read more stats here that are really just mind boggling! I’ve done so much research on pornography my eyes have almost become crossed! So, after reading all the stats and experiencing the effects of pornography first hand I became curious as to exactly how pornography affects the mind.  Even more so, I wanted to know exactly how it affects my husband’s brain.

For weeks after my husband came home from his treatment facility, he would go around saying, “I want my brain rewired!”  I didn’t exactly understand the full meaning of what he was saying until I did some digging!  Wow, it’s truly amazing how pornography affects the brain.

In all my digging and late night readings I discovered just what my husband meant!  It’s pretty intriguing and enlightening! When the body is excited by sexual pleasure chemicals are released into the brain. The brain adjusts to these chemicals and creates pathways that lead to emotions, feelings and even cravings and desires.  These chemicals include oxytocin which is the chemical that says “we are in love.”  It is the bonding chemical that creates feelings of caring and deep affection.  Then we have the dopamine chemical.  This chemical is the one that says, “I’ve got to have more of that!”  This is the chemical that triggers intense feelings of pleasure.  Every time someone views pornography these chemicals are being released to give a sense of a high or a rush!   I discovered that my husband, because of his addiction, was actually chasing this high.  Every time he chased the high he needed more and more of these chemicals to produce the same intense feelings or rush.  It was a trap!  He was trapped into needing his high and he got his fix through pornography.  He required a rewiring of his brain so the chemicals could adjust to normal levels.   What an ah-hah moment it was for me!

This ah-hah moment and new revelation gave me a deeper understanding of what was really happening in my husband’s brain.  This revelation truly helped me to understand him a little better and helped me in my healing process through knowing he had to receive help to stop his addiction.  He did not have the power within himself to stop looking at pornography.  He needed help from others and most importantly he needed help from God to rewire his brain and help it function without the use of pornography.  It’s truly amazing how powerful knowledge can be!

You can watch a great video, The Human Brain, here!