We all have seen or know of people that look like they have it all together. They wear the nicest clothes. They have the biggest and best cars and homes. Their kids go to the best schools. On the outside they seem to have it all. If you look close enough, however, you can see that things aren’t as perfect as they seem. Behind the mask of “everything’s good”, they are suffering. They have tried to make their lives work but something has happened to shatter their dreams. Under the cover, they are broken. They seem to have given up hope and have accepted things the way they are. Fortunately, there is a way to put the pieces back together again.

Where are the pieces?

We must first admit that there are some pieces. So many people live in a state of denial, living as if nothing ever happened. Something did happen. Either it happened from something we did or someone else was involved. Maybe it was someone who is hurting from abused themselves. Maybe it was someone who was helpless in their own situation. Maybe it was someone who is hellish and they intentionally did something to you. Or maybe it was you, just being careless or just plain stupid. Whatever happened and whoever did it, it happened. By recognizing the circumstances, you can then move toward picking up the pieces.

“You don’t drown by falling in the water, you drown by staying there”

You have the power to begin again.  Even in the midst of broken pieces, God has given us the power and ability to start over. When we humble ourselves and depend on God for strength, we will begin on a path to greatness. Humility and true repentance are necessary to pick up the pieces. If you never turn away from the broken moment you will, more than likely, repeat it again. You have the power to begin again. If you are committed to God’s plan, you will succeed.

You have the authority to succeed. God’s purpose in creating you was for you to dominate. Of course, everyone makes mistakes. We all have done something that we have regretted. Even after all of our mistakes and failures, God still wants us to win. A conqueror is someone who wins by force of arms. We were designed to be more than a conqueror. We were made to be on the winning side. Victory is our God-given nature. That’s why is doesn’t feel good to lose. God has placed this authority in your hands.

Ultimately, the only way for us to lose is if we quit. Stay in the race and pick up the pieces.