Quote: “Married sex is like being awake during your own autopsy.  It is root canal work without anesthetic.”  – Al Goldstein

Dear Mr. Goldstein,

When I read this quote, at first it made me sad. Sad that there are so many people just like you that have never experienced the blessing of God-honoring marriage and intimacy. Then I did some research because, frankly, I had never heard of you. And I quickly realized why. I soon found out that you are a pornographer. Then I became angry.

I stewed about your lifestyle choices and the death you produce via porn and I almost gave up this task of writing a rebuttal to your words. I just felt helpless. Like what could I possibly say to you that could ever point you to Christ and help you see the absolute depravity of pornography and sexual immorality. Which led me back to being sad. Not boohoo sad, but burdened in my soul that you feel this way about married sex. I saw that you have been married 5 times and I can only imagine that the relationships you had with your many wives were less than happy.

Considering your occupation, I cant imagine any woman feeling secure, attractive, or wanted sexually. I imagine that filming pornography day in and day out has taken its toll on your attitude towards women in general, let alone your wife. I understand that you won’t agree with me, and I understand that you are going to think I’m naïve. That I, perhaps, take porn too seriously and I overestimate the power of pornography on men and their marriages. That maybe it’s not as bad as everybody thinks. That maybe it doesn’t effect your thoughts, your behavior, your marriage, your friends, and your attitude. That perhaps it is just a fun, harmless pass-time of watching people have consensual sex. But here’s where the rubber meets the road… your quote is the epitome of how pornography warps your brain.

I would expect nothing less from a pornographer than for him to be completely unhappy in marriage and unsatisfied by the marriage bed. Why wouldn’t you consider married sex like a root canal without anesthetic or a live autopsy? You have never experienced the love and intimacy that comes from a relationship with Jesus and a marriage that is centered on Christ. You have no idea what real love is. How could you?

Real love comes from the Savior, Jesus Christ. Genuine intimacy comes from the Lord. And until you believe in Jesus, repent of your sins, submitting to the Lord, you will never experience the treasure that is married sex. I know that it’s a long-shot, but I feel compelled to articulate the Gospel to you and have the hope that Jesus will call you out of complete darkness and bring you into the Light…

All people have sinned.

Sin is the missing the mark;

falling short of God’s perfect standard.

There is a penalty to pay for that sin.

Since we sinned against an infinite God,

we are required to pay an infinite penalty with our own lives.

But there is GOOD NEWS!

Jesus Christ lived a perfect life to satisfy God’s perfect standard

in the form of a perfect substitution for humanity’s debt.

So then, if man repents and turns from his sin

and turns to Christ in faith,

Submitting to His authority and Lordship

Then God promises forgiveness and eternal life with Him.

I’m truly sorry that you have not experienced true love and intimacy in your marriage. I am sorry that you have lived a life void of genuine companionship, but rather filled with lies, pseudo-satisfaction, and false intimacy. I’m sorry that you have been chasing pleasures and fulfillment through pornography, only to be left empty. I pray that Jesus will open your eyes and cleanse your heart. I pray that He will break the dark chains of pornography in your life.

Walking in Freedom,


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