“You are sexually pure when no sexual gratification comes from anyone or anything but your wife.”  –Steve Arterburn

 Nice Stevie!  So true.  I agree.

 Is this true for your husband? Is your sex life the only thing he is getting sexual gratification from? Are you encouraging a healthy sex life?  Have you talked with him about your sex life and his needs?  Lately?  It’s time to talk.  Right now.  Go find him.  Maybe he is in recovery from his addiction and you are rebuilding trust in ALL areas.  I think this is a good quote for him to keep in front of him and a bench mark for his recovery. 

 What about you? Is it true for you?  Porn may not be your issue…but do you get something (even emotionally) from TV shows, movies, or chick lit?  I was totally guilty of reading chick lit and wishing my husband acted like the guys in those books.  That means I am NOT looking to my husband to fill the need.  This is NOT just a porn issue!!!!

 Are we really putting everything into our marriages?  Including our sex lives?  Take the time to answer those questions…honestly….. and talk with your husband.  While the quote above sounds good…..is it true of your marriage?  I hope so.